About us

Our office started out in the year 2006. That’s when we started working with the first entrepreneurs who needed professional accounting services. Thanks to our efforts we quickly started gaining a group of regular clients.

We bet primarily on wide-ranging accounting services catered for small and medium-sized businesses. The range of our services now covers the entry stage, i.e. from setting up your business - choosing and registering the most advantageous legal form for your company (Self-employed, Partnership or Limited Company), up to current accounting services, tax calculations, VAT settlements, Payroll, or the annual return reports for the Companies House.

We use our knowledge and expertise to lead and support companies in different fields, whose operation area extends into Great Britain and Europe.

Thanks to modern CRM support software we have constant control over every one of our clients and we keep our proverbial finger on the pulse.

In wanting to make life easier for our clients we provide them with a reliable service without them even having to leave the house. Our clients have the option of only contacting us by e-mail or by phone. All the documents can be sent by post or by e-mail, which allows for a quick and safe way to deliver the necessary documentation from any place in the world.

A rich experience and the acquired qualifications permit us to responsibly lead any entrepreneur, regardless of the field in which they are involved.

Our personnel has the AAT, CMA and CIMA qualifications.



Annual allowance. A tax deduction for the cost of machinery and equipment of up to £200,000...

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